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This page contains links to other areas of interest besides this website. The focus is on Linux , Unix , software, hardware , Open Source Software , Free Software and information helpful to those learning Linux for the first time. Free Software and Open Source Software are not exactly the same.

Pages or sites that are W3C compliant are encouraged. To link to this page or to have a link to your page or site here contact the webmaster with your URL and site info. It is our intention to have this page evolve as needs , time , and space permit. The main purpose here is exchange of information. Businesses are welcome. We want as many persons as possible to be able to access this. We feel that the W3C has standards that make this possible.
Linux on a Compaq Presario 2700T laptop
Linux commands and system information

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An excellent source of information on Linux:
The Linux Gazette

Many links to Linux info on these sites:
Topology .org      Cyberknights

This is a very nice electronics / logic / schematic drawing program

An interesting javascript program that solves quadratic equations

A text reading javascript program that displays the day of the week and random quotes
javascript random quotes

Configure an HP JetDirect printer
JetDirect config

A link to Amateur Radio resources on the net. Amateur radio was created to promote experimentation by anyone who has the knowledge to work with electronics , radio, and communication. When you get right down to it Amateur Radio operators were the first "nerds". Cell phones , and most developments in radio communications actually came from amateur radio experimenters who were and are anything but "amateur". Amateur radio is non-profit and encourages access to technology by all persons. There is no age limit for Amateur radio operators. HamRad - Amateur Radio Resource

Lynx:  A text browser (multi-platform)

Firefox:   Mozilla's Firefox browser (multi-platform)

Konqueror:  Browser for The KDE desktop

Galeon:  Galeon browser used on the Gnome desktop

Opera:  Opera home page (multi-platform)

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