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  Currently, we set up local area networks on a very limited basis. Contact us for an appointment if you are interested. We only work with the Linux operatiing system.

There is no per seat software license fee for expanding your network if you are using Linux which is similar to Free Software, or open source software. If you need to add another server all you need to purchase is the hardware to set up the machine. If you are using one of the popular proprietary systems for your workstations you will probably need a seperate system or license for each workstation. If you choose to use Free Software for your workstations then you will not need to purchase new operating systems for each workstation computer. We also use Open Source software. Open source software is a slightly newer concept than Free Software. These two should not be considered to be one in the same , although they do work together often. ( See the GNU General Public License, a copy of which is on this website for information on Free Software.) In Open Source software the source code is shared and not kept hidden or secret. Development occurs very quickly and effectively. The source code for Free Software , also is not kept secret and development on this type of software also occurs very quickly and effectively.

What does this mean to our customers ?
It means the costs for setting up and maintaining networks and software are considerably less than with proprietary software. It means the freedom to choose.

Will Free Software , or Open Source Software work for me ?
If you want to run your own web server, yes. If you want to run your own network , yes. If you want to run a print server , yes. If you want to use a word processor, surf the net, exchange email , play cd's , run a spreadsheet program , use point and click , yes. If you want the freedom to choose , yes.

If you are interested in this way of managing your network or your home computers we can help you with the details. We charge $50.00 per hour with a mimimum of $35.00 for service calls within 25 miles of our location. We do not charge for estimates. Cost estimates for network installation are done by the job to save you from paying on an hourly basis which can get prohibitively expensive.

Email is : webmaster
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